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The History of the MACHADO'S

Machado & Sons Jewelry Manufacturers


Charlotte | New York | Belgium | Israel | Rio | Lisbon


Master Jewelry Designer creating unique custom-made pieces of Jewelry using our

finest Round Diamonds, Radiant, Pear, Princess, Oval, Baguette and Marquise cuts along with Pearls and Colored Gemstones at the wholesale level


We have our own

Diamond Cutters - with EGL, AGS and GIA certified Diamonds specializing in Hearts & Arrows Round Brilliant diamonds which maximize the Fire & Brilliance unlike any other cut.

Princess, Marquise, Radiant, Oval and Lucida cuts are available as well

Jewelry Casting Company – we cast in 14K and 18K Yellow Gold, Green Gold, Rose Gold, Palladium & Platinum

Refinery Company – we buy Gold/Silver/Platinum scraps


We design

Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, Bracelets, Pendants, Earrings

and all types of custom pieces upon request



The Machado’s have been in the Jewelry industry for over 110 years.


From Portugal to Brazil to the USA.

Serving companies such as Movado, Tiffany, Cartier, Harry Winston,

H.Stern, Scott Kay, Diana Classic and others

Our designs have been featured in our trade magazines as well as Town & Country

“My goal is to design & create the highest quality Jewelry at the wholesale level

offering the utmost level of client service.”

Proud member of the Jewelers of America and the Platinum Guild

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