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Photo of Derek Jeter displaying the 4 NY Yankees Championship rings. We were grateful to have done all the diamond setting work.

This is the 1997 Plymouth Prowler made from an Amethyst weighing roughly 15,000 Carats. We actually purchased a toy model of this Prowler and made molds of all the pieces. The seats are made out of 18K White Gold with Diamonds all over. Our Gemstone Cutter in Brasil made this masterpiece and it took him a few months to complete. The fun part was assembling all of the pieces back onto the Amethyst. This was one of the best projects we've ever done.

The only Offiicial Olympic Tie Tack in existence. It's been through 2 Olympics and viewed by Billions...

Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl ring. We did all the setting work along with designing the "kite" shaped Diamonds to make the star effect

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